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Last updated: Tuesday, June 7, 2022

This is an app by one of the leading Yoga School in gurgaon for leading.

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Anandabodh – Yoga School app

This is an app by one of the leading Yoga School in gurgaon for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Anandabodh aims to connect body, mind and soul to lead a healthy and happy life, bringing proper balance and harmony in personal and professional life.

Anandabodh is made up of two words “Ananda” and “Bodh”, Ananda means bliss, sustained happiness and bodh means experience, knowledge, perception, so the meaning of Anandabodh is experiencing or attaining everlasting bliss and peace.

About Founder:

Anandabodh was founded by Master Shivachittam in 2002, follows the rich lineage of the Bihar School of yoga. Master Shivachittam, who is a Karma Sannyasi initiated by Swami Niranjananda Sarswati, learned yoga in his early childhood from Bihar School of yoga and has been practicing since then. After a dedicated practice for nearly three decades, he chooses to propel the wisdom of his guru.

Anandhabodh is a free app. Download it to enjoy a wide range of yoga courses at your fingertips.

You can also shop for E-Books of yoga & Yoga accessories from the app.

Specialised In

1. Yoga
2. Naturopathy
3. Psychotherapy
4. Organizing Retreats

Programs Include

1. Stress Management
2. Corporate Yoga
3. Healthy Living Program
4. Kids Yoga
5. Pregnency Yoga
6. Therapy Yoga

Online Yoga Sessions available

1. Yoga Program to Manage General Health Problems
2. Meditation Program to Improve Mental- Emotional Health
3. Weight Loss With Yoga
4. International Yoga Day (Free Session)

Courses Available

1. Digital Yoga
2. Teacher’s Training
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