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Origami is the art of paper folding, which is famous for coming from and developing in Japan. As an origami hobby does look trivial, but if seen as something that educates, origami will mean very big. There are various benefits obtained from this folding art .. Materials used are paper or cloth that is usually square. An origami result is a very thorough and delicate work of the hand on sight. Generally to make origami handicraft we can use plain paper but most origami in Japan use special paper for origami. The difference between ordinary paper and origami paper is only in terms of design and color are so varied that makes origami become more beautiful and completely unrelated to techniques such as paper folds become easier and so on. questions that may often arise when you are confused in making paper or origami folding crafts such as: origami ideas, origami tutorials, origami way origami, origami paper, origami flower tutorial, origami bird tutorial, origami love tutorial, origami craft, origami diam, origami animals, origami roses, origami 3d tutorials, easy origami tutorials, how to create origami, origami papers, origami ideas, origami tutorials butterflies,
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Below are the origami types such as origami birds, origami Katashiro, Origami Modular, Technical Origami. Historians generally
states origami originated from the country of origin paper, namely China. However, origami development to become an art form as it is now originated in Japan. Origami originally practiced by nobles and clerics in Japan to create decorative decorations for traditional and religious ceremonies. With over time the origami became popular until it became
Japanese folk art of criticism and constructive suggestions is desirable, so that the future of this origami tutorial application can be even better. criticism and constructive suggestions are desirable for future paper origami applications can be even better. hopefully can help you and hopefully
useful thanks.

Simple Origami is the art of paper folding. While it is an ancient art, many of the days recognize more as a hobby or a fad. Origami can be as complex as you want it to be, and there is always more to learn. In some cases, even origami can help you create beautiful decorations for your home or Christmas tree. For fun activities that you can do with your family or in class, starting with simple origami will be entertaining for everyone.

Once you have your inventory, try starting with an easy shape, like Microsoft and pointing at four stars, airplanes, origami boats, or hearts. With origami, the possibilities are endless Almost. You can help Even a small prince or princess Makes her own origami crown. Kids love origami, but can also for adults to enjoy too.

Simple Origami is More than a hobby, it is an art. Children, seniors, and people of all ages can love and have fun with it. When you make origami one of your crafts specifically for yourself, your family, or your classroom, you choose a valuable, interesting learning tool, and you choose an ancient practice and loved by all.

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