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Last updated: March 2023

Turn text to speech in a snap with Oriole, your intelligent companion!.

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Oriole AI - Snap to Speech app

Oriole is a digital assistant that can help you get into the flow of your reading and writing tasks. Oriole turns your typed, printed, and spoken text into speech so you can be productive anytime, anywhere. Use Oriole to make progress on your research, studying, project work, and more!

With Oriole, you can use the camera to capture text in any format to generate narration by state-of-the-art AI voices.

Oriole will also summarize long readings for you, so you don't have to spend your time skimming. Instead, get your readings done in less time so you can get your assignments done on time and be ready for your exams.

Speed up your writing process with Oriole by getting through your references faster, writing your paper in record time, reviewing your drafts by listening to them, and submitting it before the deadline!

Reference your past snapshots as needed, Oriole remembers where you left off.

Download Oriole to turn text to speech for free!
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Oriole AI - Snap to Speech APK 1.0.3 Update

You can now paste in your text!
Get a summary of your reading to supercharge your workflow!
Review the new onboarding guide to learn how to use the app to create audio snapshots.
Premium subscription options have been updated.

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Oriole AI - Snap to Speech
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