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Last updated: Friday, May 6, 2022

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to search the dictionary.

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KI Französisches Wörterbuch app


This app is totally FREE, you don't have to pay anything!!

Contains over 130000 entries for all your needs.

Simple and intuitive user interface.

Ideal for professionals, students, academics and anyone who needs a comprehensive French dictionary for work, at home or on the go.

Search the German/French dictionary in several ways:

- to seek speech
- Search camera
- Gallery image to search
- text to search for

The AI ​​dictionary recognizes speech, so you can search the dictionary by speaking into the microphone in both German and French.

The AI ​​dictionary recognizes German and French text in images from the camera or photo gallery, allowing users to look up multiple words quickly and efficiently.

Simple text input can also be used for German and French searches.
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Apr 14, 2022
KI Französisches Wörterbuch
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