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Traffic light detection and MP3 player (AI-TLDnR) APK

  • by JS.Studio
  • Version: 2.02
  • Updated on: Jul 03, 2019
When you wait for the traffic lights, you don't have to keep looking at it.
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Traffic light detection MP3 player AI-TLDnR

The APP can automatically lock the red light or manually lock the red or green light, and notify the user immediately if the light changes.

When you wait for the traffic lights, you don't have to keep looking at the lights.
Just connect to the network, turn on the GPS, and execute the app.

Basic features are still available when the network is not connected:
1. Point the yellow frame at the traffic light, and the app will automatically detect the red light and lock it, and will make a "beep" sound.
   When the light is off, a "beep" sound will be emitted to alert the user.
2. When the GPS is turned on and receives a stable signal, the altitude and speed will display green data with a positioning error of 10 meters.
3. When the vehicle speed exceeds 20Km/hr, the camera will be automatically turned off, and will be turned on again when the vehicle speed drops below 10Km/hr.
4. When the GPS signal is not received, the altitude and speed will be red and the camera will turn on.
5. When the camera is turned on for more than 5 minutes, the prompt to automatically close the app will appear. Just touch it to continue using it.
   Avoid getting off the car and forgetting to turn off the app, causing the battery to run out.

Connect to the network to use the full features:
1. You can manually lock the red or green light, or even the front car.
2. If you do not use the traffic light detection, you can turn off the camera manually.
3. The MP3 stored in the Music folder can be played randomly or sequentially.

1. Fix the phone to the windshield and lock the traffic light when it is still.
2. You can use the unused mobile phone in the car, which is environmentally friendly and convenient.
3. Can also be applied to work or indoor environments.
4. If you feel that this app is helpful to you, please give support and encouragement.

Permission usage statement:
1. Camera: Only capture images to detect traffic lights.
2. Location information: Only get the coordinate change judgment height and whether the car moves.
3. Storage: Only get MP3 and play.
4. Network access: only for playing ads.
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