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Islamic calligraphy, often referred to as Arabic calligraphy, is an artistic art of handwriting, or calligraphy, and includes binding, [1] which develops in countries that generally have Islamic cultural heritage. This form of art is based on Arabic writings, which for a long time have been used by many Muslims to write in their respective languages. Calligraphy is a respected art among various Islamic art, as it is the main tool for preserving the Qur'an. The rejection of figurative imagery as it may lead to idolatry, causing calligraphy and abstract depiction to be the main form of artistic expression in various Islamic cultures, especially in religious contexts. [2] For example, the calligraphy of God's name is permitted while God's figurative depictions are not allowed. [3] Calligraphy work is used as a collection and is a valued artwork.

Arabic, Persian and Turkish Ottoman calligraphy has links to the abstract arabesque motifs found on the walls and ceilings of mosques and in the pages of books. Contemporary artists in the Islamic world unearth their calligraphic heritage and use calligraphy or abstract writing in their various works of art.

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