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n this tutorial you will learn how to draw pattern in your fashion sketches. This will not only help you when you draw wedding dresses, but also in all kinds of white clothing and accessories. Drawing white is much easier than you might think, so follow the steps and enjoy the results.

Draw your design
Draw your fashion sketch with a pencil. Make sure that the line is not very dark and visible – you need it soft and semitransparent when drawing white fabrics.

Define the shading
Decide where are the places you will draw the shadows and wrinkles of the clothes when using the “Clay method”. In this case this is under the breasts and at the torso outlines. The shadows will also contour the skirt folds.

First layer shadows
Put a second layer of very light gray over the spots you defined in step 2. This shade layer should make the pencil outlines much thicker – as shown in the picture below.Shadows will be similar as in “How to draw skin shadows” tutorial.
Make sure you don’t outline the lower hem of the skirt, but only around the folds.

Second layer
Lay down another shadows layer. This one is following the previous layer, but will be smaller, contracted. Fill the folds around the waist and contour the skirt folds. Notice that the collar is also casting shadows.

Last shadows layer
This is the darkest layer. The color should be medium gray. If you go darker the final result may look as a gray dress, instead of white one. Be very delicate with this layer and make only few short lines – don’t try to outline the whole initial sketch.

Use the lightest shade possible to blend everything together. If you’re working with watercolor – use pure water. This should give a finished look to your fashion sketch and blend all the edges.

This Drawing white technique can be applied to all drawing medias – from markers to pencils and watercolor. What is rest for you is to create your collection of unique wedding gowns and beautiful white garments!


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