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Best Application That Provide Many Inspiring Easy Glue Gun Life Hacks.
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These simple life hacks prove that a glue gun is such a handy tool to have. Keep on reading to know the hacks and projects you can make!

To be honest, I never knew how much simple life hacks a glue gun could do until now. I always knew a glue gun was handy since it’s one of my essential tools for a lot of DIY projects, but these simple life hacks are a pleasant surprise. Take a look at this infographic, take down notes, and be amazed at what your glue gun can do!

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning Board

Get to spring cleaning by taking care of your beauty tools — especially your makeup brushes. Here’s a neat hack for DIYing your very own makeup brush cleaning board.

Easier Writing With A Longer Pencil

Tired of writing with a frustratingly short pencil? Who says you can’t put a twist on it to make it a better instrument to write with? I’ll teach you the steps below.

Improve Plier Handles

Tired of using your pliers with the yucky handles? Instead of throwing it out and buying a new pair, I recommend doing this nifty trick instead. It’ll save you a couple of dollars too!

DIY Non-Slip Floor Mat

Stop your floor mat from budging with the help of a glue gun. Trust me, sometimes all it takes is this little hack to prevent any possible slips and falls.

Get Dried Glue Off Wooden Surfaces

Rid your wooden tables and floors of dried glue stick residue. Would you believe me if I said all you needed was an ice cube or two?


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