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Are you a furniture fanatic? Bored with cookie cutter pieces? Opt for something new and fascinating by creating your own stylish side or coffee table. Pick any old furniture piece and kick it up a notch. You can learn how to make a wooden table, whether your aesthetic goals are vintage, modern, rustic or classic.

Your homemade table won’t just save you money, it’s guaranteed to impress all house guests. After all, there’s no way they’ve seen anything exactly like it. Think the project’s beyond your scope? Think again. We’ll take you through the step-by-step process of how to make a wooden table.

How to Make a Wooden Table
1. Measure
The most tedious part of building a wooden coffee or side table is the expansion of the round wooden top. When settling on the size, the essential thing is to ensure that all pieces of the wooden coffee table fit together. The top size should fit the room nicely and the legs need to be the correct height to fit the top.

2. Construct the Top of the Table
Append the board together to make one complete surface and then paste them together. Clasp them firmly together until the paste has fully dried. If the blocks pop while clasping, use your elastic hammer to re-embed them. Tidy up any excess paste with your putty blade.

3. Denoting the Table Top
You will now need to find the center of the wooden board. This can be easily accomplished by drawing a line from one edge of the wood to the next, passing through the center. Repeat this several times so that you can see where the lines cross in the middle. The point where all the lines cross is the center. Next, embed a strong pin in the center and connect a string to it. The bigger the string, the greater the end table top. Once you’re done, append a pencil to the other end of the string. Use it to draw its perimeter in a clockwise direction.

4. Cutting the Table Top

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