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A farmer once had a faithful dog called Sultan. The dog had grown .
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Old Sultan

A farmer once had a faithful dog called Sultan. The dog had grown old and lost all his teeth so that he could no longer hold onto anything.

One day the farmer said to his wife, "Tomorrow I intend to shoot old Sultan, he is no longer of any use."

The poor dog, who was lying out in the sun not far away, heard everything.

He had a good friend, the wolf, and told him of the sad fate that awaited him.

The wolf said, "I will help you out of your trouble.” And they came up with a plan.

Early the next morning, the dog’s master and his wife came to the hay field. They laid their only child in the shade, and old Sultan had to stand guard nearby.

Then the wolf came out of the wood and carried off the child. The father screamed when he saw what had happened and the dog chased quickly after the wolf.

Then the wolf let the child fall, just as they had planned, and the dog returned it to its parents.

The master was overjoyed and patted the dog saying, "You shall eat my bread free, as long as you live."

From then on, old Sultan was as well off as he could wish.

Soon afterwards the wolf visited him, and said, “You will just wink an eye if I carry off one of your master's fat sheep."

The dog answered, "I still remain true to my master; I cannot agree to that."

The wolf, who thought that this could not be true, still came that night to the sheep field. But the farmer, who had been warned by the faithful Sultan about the wolf's plan, caught him and gave him a beating.

The wolf ran away, but cried out to the dog, “You will pay for this!"

The next morning the wolf sent a boar to challenge the dog to go out into the forest where they might settle the matter.

Poor old Sultan could find no one to go with him except a cat with only three legs. The unfortunate cat sat on the dog’s back and stretched her tail into the air with pain.

When the wolf and the boar saw their enemy coming, they thought that he was bringing a sword with him because they mistook the outstretched tail of the cat for one.

The wild boar crept into the undergrowth and the wolf jumped up a tree.

When the dog and the cat arrived, they saw the boar’s ear twitching in the undergrowth. The cat, thinking it was a mouse, jumped upon it and bit it hard.

The boar made a fearful noise and ran away screaming, "The guilty one is up in the tree!"

We hope you enjoy this book. If there are any problems please contact us at [email protected]
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