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Modification of 2019 Public Transportation Cars APK

Latest 2019 Angkot Car Modifications.
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Public transportation is one public vehicle that cannot be separated from our country Indonesia. Generally in every region of Indonesia this public transportation can certainly be found. Many people prefer to use public transportation compared to buses and taxis because in addition to its populist price, public transportation is more easily accessible from other public vehicles. Moreover, in the city of Padang, which has the nickname "The City of Thousand Modis Public Transportation", anywhere can stop public transportation because there are too many city transportation that is spread on the streets of the city. With rates in the range of Rp.1000 to Rp.2000, residents of the City of Padang have been able to explore the city by angkot without having to wait long at the bus stop.

even though it is not uncommon in one route not only one or two angkot but rather dozens of angkot that operate on the route. Because there are too many angkot in the city of Padang on every route, there is competition between angkot owners in order to attract passengers. Therefore, the public transportation drivers began to design their angkot as attractive as possible. Indeed the main service of angkot is to provide services to deliver passengers to their destination. However, if the service is only limited to providing transportation services, it is certain that Padang angkot drivers cannot compete with other angkot which provide more service to their passengers.

There are many ways that angkot drivers can do in dressing their angkot so that their angkot can reach many passengers. In general, public transportation drivers modify their angkot by modifying the exterior and interior.

2019 Angkot Car Modifications:

The Coolest and Coolest Angkot Car Modification Ideas

Angkot Turns into Cool Buses

Angkot Facilities Ready to Shake Passengers

Not only the interior has been changed, the exterior has also changed in total

Modified Angkot Like a Private Car

Angkot Ceper Tub Combat Car

Fast and Furious public transportation ready to land

2019 Angkot Car Modifications:

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Cool public transportation
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Modif angkot
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