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The most beautiful mosque and the largest mosque in the world.

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The haram is the largest mosque in the world. This is the most sacred mosque for Muslims. The haram is an qibla or the center of prayer for Muslims around the world, the center of the pilgrimage and the zamzam water source. Tawaf worship activities around the kabah, lasted for 24 hours every year by the Umrah pilgrims. This mosque is huge, decorated with high quality marble and continues to expand. Currently, the holy mosque covers 356,800 square meters including outdoor and indoor areas. The mosque is so vast that it can accommodate 2 million pilgrims at a time.

Masjid nabawi in madinah, saudi arabia is the second holy mosque of the ummah after the holy mosque in makkah. The mosque was built in 622 AD after the Prophet Mohammad saw migrated to Medina. The house of the Prophet finally entered into the mosque section when expanding. Masjid nabawi become one of the main destinations of pilgrims and umrah every year to make pilgrimage to the tomb of Rasulullah and raudhah who was once the home page of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Umbrella dome that can be opened close at the mosque is a favorite of pilgrims. Masjid nabawi able to accommodate 1 million pilgrims in maximum capacity.

When visiting the madinah, there is another mosque that often visited the pilgrims and umrah is the quba mosque. This mosque is so special because it is the first mosque which was founded directly by the Prophet Muhammad SAW when in the journey of Hijra. The quba mosque is now able to accommodate up to 20 thousand worshipers. The quba mosque has a rectangular shape. The area of ​​the mosque is about 5,860 square meters and has two floors. The quba mosque also has a library and a teaching and learning room.

One more special mosque in madina, saudi arabia is a mosque qiblatain. Named qiblatain because in this mosque has the uniqueness of two-way architecture of the Qibla for prayer. Originally Qibla facing the baitul maqdis in Jerusalem, until finally Rasulullah saw ordered changed the direction of Qiblah to kabah in makkah. The old qibla can still be seen by the traveler. There are two places of prayer imams here. The place of the prayer priest facing the baitul maqdis is not used because of the qibla movement. On the contrary, the place of the priest's prayer now has a special pulpit complete with prayer mats.

The third holy mosque for Muslims is the aqsa mosque in Palestine. Many travelers who mixed up thinking the aqsa mosque is a gold-domed building in Jerusalem. Though it is a dome of rock. The aqsa mosque is a dark purple vaulted building opposite it. But both buildings are covered in a region called baitul maqdis. Baitul maqdis area is very important for the Muslims related to the events of isra miraj nabi muhammad saw. Uniquely this area is also a holy place for Christians, and Jews have a wall lament in the same area.

Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta is the largest mosque in Indonesia and southeast asia. The istiqlal mosque, built in 1951 and completed in 1978, extends 9 hectares, has 5 floors and is able to accommodate about 200 thousand worshipers. The istiqlal mosque has a number of architectural uniqueness. This mosque has 12 large pillars mark the date of birth of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The minaret height of 66.66 meters marks 6,666 verses of the Qur'an and there are 7 entrances named after Asmaul Husna. Istiqlal Mosque is a favorite destination for the traveler's spirit when the Ramadan month arrives.

Indonesia has a gold-domed mosque precisely in depok, west java. The mosque which has the original name of the mosque dian al mahri is able to accommodate approximately 20,000 pilgrims. The most sought after tourists who come certainly the grandeur of the dome. There are 5 domes in this building, and everything is made of gold with a thickness of 2-3 mm. In addition to the dome, the relief above the priest's place was made of 18 carat gold. The majestic hall became one of the typical Middle Eastern styles.
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Date published: Mar 11, 2018

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