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  • by Koboklad
  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated on: Apr 02, 2019
Baby development app to track the milestones in a baby's development from birth.
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Baby Development After Birth app provides personalized activity plans, milestone information, health-related articles & activities, as well as parenting tips to create a solid foundation for your baby's development.

From head control to rolling over, from grasping to sitting, from crawling to talking, developmental milestones are unmistakable signs that your baby is growing fast! We'll help you track your child's physical development, social development, and brain development; suggest activities to encourage your baby's accomplishments; and help you keep an eye out for problems.

• Your Baby's Developmental Milestones
• Your Baby's Firsts
• Baby Development, Week by week
• Physical Development
• Social & Emotional Development
• Your Baby's Brain Development
• Encouraging Baby Development
• Baby Development Delays
• Your Baby's Developing Senses

Your baby will always be beautiful to you, but lots of mums are surprised by how their baby looks right after the birth, especially if they were expecting the clean, plump, pink newborn babies you see in TV shows.

The reality is somewhat different. They may look a bit squashed and wrinkly (as would we all if we’d been trapped in a confined watery space for nine months). They may be covered in a whitish yellow, waxy substance called vernix, especially if they were a bit premature, and they may also have a fine covering of hair called lanugo, which will disappear in a few weeks.

Their skull might be a strange shape – squashed or elongated – because of its journey through the birth canal. Don’t worry – this will sort itself out in a few days. As will other odd things you may notice such as white spots on their face, swollen genitals and breasts and blue-ish skin. A new born baby will also look scrunched up; their legs will remain in the same position as they were in the womb for a while. They’ll straighten out gradually over the next few weeks.

Baby Development After Birth app includes:
• Personalized weekly activity plan with fun-filled activities tailored to your baby’s needs.
• Progress results to help you gain a better understanding of how the child is doing compared to other children his or her age.
• Learn the science behind each milestone, which ones your baby should be accomplishing based on his or her age, and the activities you can do to reach them.

Baby Development After Birth app can be downloaded for FREE.

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