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Last updated: Monday, August 31, 2020

KoreaPublica is an online shop for top-selling Korean products.

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KoreaPublica is a portmanteau. We combined KOREA and REPUBLIC, because we’re all about bringing top-selling Korean products to the Republic of the Philippines!

KoreaPublica is an online store like no other. Started in 2020, we connect the cultures of Korea and the Philippines by bringing you a handpicked selection of Korea's best products.

KoreaPublica showcases vibrant and trendy items for Hallyu Wave fans. Love the traditional Korean kimchi? Addicted to spicy noodles like Shin ramen? Looking for your favorite Korean snacks like Pepero? Crazy for fruit-flavored ice cream bars like Melona? Dreaming of K-skincare line that suits your needs? Look no further.
Give in to your craving and follow your heart. Ride the K-wave. Shop in

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KoreaPublica APK 1.0.0 Update

Craving for Korean products? KoreaPublica is now in the Philippines!

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