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Many equipped with easy automatic combat RPG the crowded elements

BRIEF game introduction]
One day, the main character, it is necessary to struggle to repay the ~ snip ~ debt 1,000,000,000 gold!
- End -

---- The following detailed description -----
1, hero of many years, working as a small blacksmith of the employees of the city is called One day the owner
2, owner sentence and hand over the shop to hero because soon retirement age. It is in high spirits in the hero Aho surface
3, but in fact the blacksmith management is discovered that was the deficit continued. The amount whopping debt 1,000,000,000 gold!
4, because 1 billion Toka not the amount that can return to work Sekoseko, or winding up the money and materials from the monsters, trying to return the debt to or sold off equipment

speedrun element generous automatic combat RPG of.
Toka or earnestly tap, might be unsatisfactory for those who want to see the de showy performance.

■ rights of ordinary game about authority are
notation is due to the fact that is required according to the time of billing store implementation.
The breakdown is as follows.
For in-app purchase ... billing store implementation
image / media / file ... for a screen shot of the post function
for the Wi-Fi connection information ... billing store implementation (# )

- game details of the description is the following: -

[game system
has become a form not very busy because it is basically automatic combat.

■ main
once, but will be clear and to pay off the debt 1,000,000,000 gold, elements that are released after pay off also play continued for There are several
Moreover, it is because it is equipped with a high degree of freedom equipped systems or competing in the ranking or the aim of equipment creation of the ideal possible.

■ combat system
at the bottom of the screen and press the "stage" and can be selected for the stage, the monster will appear.
Combat, which takes you to the basic hero automatic attack.
By the attack on the monster can earn "TP", you can hit a powerful skill that consume the TP.
In addition, the speed of the automatic attack can also be accelerated by the effect and skills attached to the equipment,
in some cases can also be a speed such that the attack nearly 20 times in one second.
Monster also because I'm going to attack, let's recovery in the skills and items, etc. Once the reduced physical strength.

■ drop system
defeat the monsters and materials and equipment will drop.
The material is grass, wood, cloth, iron, stone, 6 Tsude of the soul, or to replace it with various things in the blacksmith in town and, can be used to strengthen the equipment.
As the senior of the stage, we dropped a lot.
It also drop equipped with a variety of capacity-up effect is attached to the random.
Abundance to "exactly the same equipment" of the combination, you can enjoy a drop-hunting because it does not drop.

■ equipment system
hero, can be equipped with six types of weapons, armor, helmet, hands and feet and accessories.
All of the equipment has a grade of normal Rare Legend, the ability value will vary greatly.

There are three frame additional effect to be applied to the inherent ability up effect and random in the equipment,
is also available for grant is by carrying out the other "drilling", which is granted by random at the time of the drop.
Effect is all the 50 types Currently, you can combine these to each equipment.
This enables you to create a weapon, such as defense and HP more with endurance despite the sword by the effects of up goes up, it can also be created, such as
armor attack force to reverse is up significantly you.

■ equipment enhancement system
All of the equipment is capable of strengthening. The first is, but will be extended is
equipment enhancement system by future updates to 100.

■ drilling system
All of the equipment is capable of drilling.
Or to grant or change the effect, or you can change the correction value. In addition, when the level up of the NPC,
already grant or by copying exactly the same as the effect that has been granted, drilling contents or raising the grade it will be released.
If you change the grade, basic ability value will rise.

■ collection element
can be obtained from the boss of each stage, rarely the "artifact".
Artifacts can be stock, there is a capacity-up effect to persist.
There is no limit to the acquisition number.

■ The level-up
in the blacksmith NPC in the blacksmith, but There are NPC, such as equipment strengthen and equipment drilling and materials exchange, making it possible to level up by consuming a particular material can, release or increase, special drilling of strengthening probability, will take more things that can be exchanged.

■ status Skills pretend
hero EXP is I get by defeating the monster, and level up.
I get a status point-skill points by level up, you can freely distribute.

■ When the generation change system
advances the stage, it will occur that such is not proceed in quite earlier in the remains of just the current ability value.
So, you will be able to "generational change" when it reaches a certain stage.
To the level and the change of generations, this instead of until the advanced stage, and the like are initialized,
status and the rise of, you get several very useful items.
It should be noted, gold will be the full takeover.

■ Passy or about the time of login coin grant
time, so you get by using a low-level API of the terminal, there is no necessarily be updated to 0:00.
, But many will be updated to 0:00, depending on the terminal or a 12 o'clock or was 8 o'clock in the morning, it is mixed.

■ Other
, we plan to increase the plurality of functions by the update.

■ For video ads Delete and purchase a
video ad delete, skip the video ad in the game will receive only reward will be possible
. (The effect will be permanent)
can be purchased after moving 2F from the shop window of the store.
If you have if, etc. that are not reflected, please contact from the set, please contact addressed to support e-mail.

■ for takeover function
, but is a function for the model change, and includes, for example, if you have lost any chance data, it is safe and keep a save in the cloud in the
set ⇒ save .
If you make the load, equipped with lock state of the item in the inventory is released.
Please note that there is no item when and bulk sale as it is.
It should be noted that, since the load can be up to 3 times in total, if the above-mentioned phenomenon occurs thank you to load again.

■ for the ranking
"update order" will display the most recent record the ranking data has been updated.
Ranking of non-renewal order is, if there is no updated for a period of time will be temporarily excluded.
(Returns to the rankings If you re-update)
In addition, the case if such illegal software is falsification of the terminal and save data that has been introduced has been detected to be excluded from the ranking automatically Yes you.

■ dot picture production Cooperation
mustard's http://zioru.x0.to

[Special Thanks]


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3 510
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What's New
■ 「交換」画面でペットを購入する際、その場で逃がす機能を追加。
■ 設定画面に新作のリンクを追加するなどしました。
■ 誤植などの修正
【v3.2.0, 1】
■ 終焉のダンジョンを実装
■ 異国の商人から買えるレガシーバッヂの数が40個に増加
■ 死神の加護が10個まで購入可能なよう変更
■ マテリアルハンターが5つまで重複するよう変更
■ 1周年記念でプレゼントを付与
■ 誤植などの修正
■ 特賞変更

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