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  • Updated on: Aug 21, 2018
Are you looking for sexual positions? yes.
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Orgasm is the highest achievement of a sexual relationship, both for men and women. However, do you know that women sometimes find it difficult to reach orgasm when having sex with their partners?

one of them is sexual seesaw, this one is very 'hot' and makes you easy to reach climax and great orgasm. The method is also quite easy and not dangerous. Women sleep on their backs, then lift their legs and point them to the head. So that the woman's body forms the letter "U" from the side, and her private area is open. Then men take positions like push ups, but with knees bent and penetrating.

With this position, women have the ability to control how fast male movements and penetration are carried out. Eye contact can also make couples feel 'connected' and help them enjoy sex with romance.

Best sexual positions during pregnancy
If your pregnancy is normal and does not experience any problems, having sex while pregnant is a safe activity. The safest sex position for pregnant women is women on top. But not women on top are careless. Here, women remain on top but the woman is in control. Besides being safe, this position is also comfortable without reducing pleasure.

Sexual positions for back pain
Back pain really feels very annoying. Especially if accompanied by the appearance of passion for sex that is passionate. Of course it will be very torturous, especially for men.

During this time health experts advise men to do spooning when they are back pain but want to make love. Because this position does not make your back as a support.
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