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In this instructable, we share you how to make a really cool rug, like the one pictured, from your old t-shirts! For me, this rug didn't cost any money because WE used stuff WE already had at ourdisposal.

Here's what you'll need:
- 5-10 old t-shirts, depending on how big you want this rug (WE used 5.5 for a small bedside rug)
- a pair of scissors
- needle and thread
- sewing machine (optional)

The hardest part about this was how long it took to make, but it turned out cool enough that WE wouldn't mind making another one. Keep reading to find out how WE did it!

Select a few old t-shirts from your closet, a thrift store. WE used 5.5 t-shirts to make a rug that is approximately 18" in diameter, but if you have more time and patience than WE do or if you want a bigger rug, you could use more shirts. Next step is to prepare the t-shirts by cutting them and turn them into yarn. WE used a method that WE found on YouTube but WE took some photos of this step for here.

You will want to flatten the shirt out in front of you, but face it sideways so that one sleeve points toward you and the other points away from you. Next, measure out every 2 inches from the bottom seam of the shirt (which is on the left or right side now), all the way to under the sleeves of the shirt. Mark with chalk or something that won't be obnoxiously permanent. You will want to start cutting on each mark or line you made, but leave 3-4 inches of the shirt still intact on the far side. Do this up to the sleeves, where you should cut all the way to the other seam. After you cut all of these lines, you can pick up the shirt and arrange it so it looks like a ribcage in front of you, as shown in the photos above. See that bit of fabric that you didn't cut? Now you're going to cut it diagonally so that you will end up creating one long piece of fabric from your t-shirt.

After you have prepared all of your t-shirts and made them into yarn, it's time to start your braid. WE used a sewing machine to start the braid and for all of ourtransitions, but it was only because WE were so pumped to have just gotten the sewing machine that WE "had" to use it. You could totally hand-sew all of these or knot them for a more care-free look.

WE started by sewing the end of one yarn strip to the middle of a different colored strip to create a "T" shape. Those were the 3 pieces of the beginning of ourbraid and when WE began to braid, it covered up the stitches (awesome!). Keep braiding until you need to sew on another color. WE added a new color by sewing diagonally with the fabric placed right side to right side at a 90 degree angle, and trimming off the tiny corner.

Start pre coiling your rug. Coil it somewhat gently so it doesn't pucker up into a braided t-shirt bowl, but try not to let any gaps show from one ring to the next. Pre coiling this braid will help you stay organized while you are sewing and will also give you an idea of how big your rug is going to be/if you need to add or remove shirts.  

Start sewing your braid together. WE used a variation of a blanket stitch and started in the middle, working ourway around and out of the spiral. This is the part that took FOREVER. Seriously. WE was anticipating sewing this mofo on the machine, but lo and behold, the dang braid was too thick to even think about squeezing under the presser foot. So, hand sew WE did.

When you get to the end of your blanket, weave in the ends of your braid into the previous ring and sew to secure it.

If you got through all of those steps, throw that rug down and relish in your own awesomeness! Whew

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Date published: Nov 27, 2017

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