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Electrical lamp is a device that can produce light when the flow of electricity.

This electric current can be generated by electricity generated by Centrally Generated Electric Power such as PLN and Genset or electricity generated by Battery and Battery.

In this modern age, Electric Lamp has become one of the most important electrical tools for human life. With the electric lights, we can perform various activities at night, beautify the Interior or the exterior of the house, the lights of the dark room or as a indicator of danger signs. Before the invention of electric lights, humans at that time using candles, oil lamps and bonfire as a lighting device at night.

Many think that the first to discover the electric light is Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) from the United States. The assumption is not entirely true, because before Thomas Alva Edison, scientists have created many kinds of electric lamps with a variety of materials and techniques, but their inventions are impractical, not lasting, wasteful of electricity and the price is very expensive .

However, Thomas Alva Edison was the first scientist to find commercial incandescent lamps that could be durable, use electricity more efficiently and also with cheaper materials. Electric lamp Thomas Elva Edison's findings are used by the public and until now we still enjoy the results of this discovery. The first incandescent light discovered by Thomas Alva Edison on October 22, 1879 can only last up to 13.5 hours.
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