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Last updated: Saturday, March 5, 2022

Help the ball to go to the next level by crossing the obstacles.

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Robo Ball game

Lost Ball Story:
A little girl has a lot of toys, but she likes her ball more than other toys. So, the girl’s toys envy the ball and throw it into the sewer.
The player in the role of the ball must come out of the well in different stages, But there are many obstacles and problems along the way. The player must carefully and with special game items that can be used as in-app purchases, go through the steps to finally reach his owner, the little girl.
Game Features:

Robo Ball is a casual game with 2D graphics designed for smartphones. In this game, the player must take a round-shaped robot up the shelves of a library. Though the mechanics of the game are complicated, learning them is very easy. There are lots of barriers across the path that make it difficult to reach the main destination. Also, the player will challenge various mechanics such as portals or soundwaves in the game. There are 2 modes in this game; the first one includes the main story levels, and the second one is the endless mode.
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Jan 22, 2022
Robo Ball
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