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Last updated: Monday, January 9, 2023

TrueBeauty, Loved worldwide with 5.4B views Now enjoy the webtoon icon as a game.

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Upgrade Me! 1:1 Stylish Puzzle Match!

❤️ Pop your puzzles to Pop your styles! Thrilling puzzle experience with Jugyeong!

❤️ Who's your bias? Customize them with all-new costumes only available on our game!

❤️ More you play more styles you get! All that blingy illustrations, skills and more!

❤️ Show us what you got! Live 1:1 competition puzzle match!

❤️ Who is this Su-ho all the way from NYC? Challenge him on Global battle mode!

❤️ Makeover for yourpuzzle! Various puzzle tactics for the last turnover!

❤️ Your tier speaks for itself! Play for leagues and get your rewards!

Need any help? Have questions? Let us know!
Contacts: lico_game_truebeauty@

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Storage(Media) : Used for saving screenshots of the game plays.
- Optional Rights for Access: None

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