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Beautiful and unique character style, fun and easy card placement properties, let you know the new gameplay strategy game ~.
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Roger Sun July 30, 2019

Easy game to pick up. game play not very demanding for casual app game.

梁智軒 August 7, 2019


Lu Evan August 6, 2019

喜歡的畫風 還不錯角色技能畫面 就看看後會玩多久再來2次評價嘍😁
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The description of app by: 奧瑞吉有限公司


[Epic-level texture hero card]
Inspired by Celtic mythology, the heroic image is like an illustration in an epic ancient book! The card decoration details are all custom-made for the race, and each one wants to be in the bag!

[zero operation casual placement game]
Work, study is too brain-burning, just want to take a break while playing games? "Sword and Expedition" does not require exquisite operation, the hero skills are automatically released all the time, and the resources can be harvested by hanging up. Ten minutes a day, you can experience this magical epic journey.

[Maze copy of the treasure to play at any time]
A labyrinth game that combines Roguelike elements, rewards a copy of the full time, and you can play whenever you want, from open hours! You don't have to mechanically punch in order to complete the task, you should play casually when you place the game!

[Challenge the Global Summit Arena]
Team up with friends from all over the world to form an alliance to challenge the Association Boss. There is also a new peak arena gameplay, all players are fair to form a hero team, compete for the "Sword and Expedition" World Cup!

[Strategy vs. simplicity is not simple]
The seemingly simple five-man hero team can actually match countless strategic gameplay! Heroes, ethnic restraints, formations, skill combinations... With a fingertip, you can play a victory against a strong enemy!


The death of the minions is approaching, and the continent of Isola is at stake! Convene six heroes, strengthen heroes, build exclusive equipment, unite allies around the world, and march toward the abyss!

※ The content of this game involves a violent plot (but no bloody picture), and it is classified as a secondary level according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is a free game, but there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game. Please make appropriate consumption according to your personal interests and abilities.
※Please pay attention to the game time, avoid indulging, play games for a long time, it is easy to affect the work schedule, moderate rest and exercise.
What's New
1. 新增半神英雄:雙生星靈 - 伊萊亞&萊拉。
2. 新增耀光帝國英雄:賦靈侍女 - 羅莎琳。
3. 新增英雄專屬裝備系統,英雄在達到傳說品階後可以激活專屬裝備,專屬裝備可以較大幅度提升某個英雄的能力;在玩家完成17-40章之後的掛機獎勵中可以獲取激活和強化專屬裝備的道具
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