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Last updated: March 2023

Defend the galaxy with HD graphics,upgrades, special power-ups in defense games.

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Space Legends: The Last Aegis game

☄️ Space Legends: The Last Aegis is an addictive and idle tower defense game that takes players on an exciting journey to defend galaxy from invading enemies. The game boasts stunning HD graphics that bring the game's universe to life. Players will encounter a variety of challenging enemies as they progress through each level, each with their own unique abilities and strengths.

☄️ Your team has the mission of protecting a crystal containing infinite power that will help your country enter a new era.
However, external forces from the universe are also attracted by the power of the crystal. These are new races from the aggressive and powerful multiverse that you have never seen before.

Additionally, after a certain period of time a boss will appear. If you can defeat the boss, you will upgrade the Energy Towers with new power levels and automatically progress to the next level.

☄️ You must use the available resources with sharp thinking and the smartest strategic gameplay to create super guardians with power from the Energy Towers to protect the crystal until the troops arrive.
You may fail against the great power of external forces from the universe, but do not worry. Try your best, and there will always be opportunities for you to become stronger and deserve the title of hero.

🚀 Game features:
★ Easy and attractive tower defense gameplay
★ Beautiful HD graphics, many rewards, and free gifts to keep players interested and challenge ourselves.
★ Combine 2 super guardians of the same level to create a new ultra guardian with superior power.
★ There are 4 Energy Towers: Fire, Ice, Thunder and Earth, each with its own hidden potential power levels.
★ Defeat Boss to upgrade the power levels of each towers defense.
- Fire Tower has the skill of burning.
- Thunder Tower fires electric beams that spread around.
- Ice Tower slows down and immobilizes enemies.
- Earth Tower increases the critical hit rate.
★ Allows players to continuously play or only spend 10 seconds watching ads to receive rewards faster.

🎮 How to play:
★ First, you will be guided on the basic gameplay when you start.
★ Arrange super guardians according to your own play style, defeat monsters to collect resources..
★ Use the collected money to purchase and upgrade new superheroes.
★ Log in daily to receive additional in-game rewards for free.
★ Complete monster-hunting missions to earn more gold and diamonds.
★ Use diamonds to upgrade new skills in the store.
★ Defeat the final Boss to upgrade the power of each Energy Towers.
★ You can choose to watch ads or not to receive rewards such as gold,
diamonds, power, speed and high-level super guardians.

☄️ With beautiful combat effects and many different ways to play, Space Legends: The Last Aegis provides endless hours of thrilling tower defense action.
It's simple and easy-to-use gameplay mechanics make it accessible to players of all levels, but the game becomes increasingly challenging as players progress through the levels, providing a satisfying experience for even the most skilled players.

💕 Thank you so much for taking the time to experience my game on the Google Play app. I truly appreciate your support and hope that you enjoyed playing it.

💕 If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to let me know. Your input is very valuable and helps me to create better games for all of my players.

💕 Once again, thank you for playing my game and I hope to see you again soon.
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Space Legends: The Last Aegis
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