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Last updated: Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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We, the 5 * Hotel Das Central, use micro-training as a method for digital knowledge transfer. The essence of diverse knowledge content is compactly prepared and deepened through short and active learning. An algorithm is used for this in classic learning. The questions are to be answered in random order. If a question is answered incorrectly, it will come back later - until it is answered correctly.
In addition to classic learning, level learning is offered as well. This means that the questions are divided into three levels by the system and asked at random. There is a break between the individual levels to save the content in the best possible way. This is necessary to achieve a brain-friendly and sustainable acquisition of knowledge. A final test makes the learning progress visible and shows where possible deficits lie and, if necessary, a repetition is useful.

Modern form of education
With digitized education, the effectiveness of trainings can be increased, and the sustainability of the knowledge acquired, can be proven. In addition to successfully established training channels, the Central Inside mobile app provides information where practice begins in real life. It offers learning content where it is needed. In small bites. Always and everywhere. Flexible and modular.
Microtraining via app means learning on the smartphone in small steps. A mobile learning concept allows flexibility in terms of time and space and enables a self-directed and individualized learning experience, which - subsequently - serves to secure knowledge over a long term. The content is presented short. Compact flashcards and videos can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Learning progress can be checked anytime.

Innovative education and training
The quality and constant development of our employees and external partners is our highest priority to promote our own product effectively and sensibly.
The questions are prepared in such a way that they can be worked on interactively. All content is easy to access, can be updated quickly and scaled both, externally and internally. In addition, learning progress can be observed and learning impulses can be set, when necessary.
The playful approach of learning is implemented through the possibility of quiz duels. Colleagues, managers, or external partners can be challenged. This makes learning even more entertaining.

Start communicating with the chat function
The chat function in the app enables Central Inside employees and external partners to communicate with each other.
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Das Central
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