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Last updated: Thursday, January 12, 2023

Mom I can - this is an application for the development and correction of the child in your phone.

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Development and correction of children aged 6 months to 12 years

Mom, I can do it - this is a mobile specialist on your phone.
With it, you will be able to develop a child's basic set of functional qualities, such as motor skills, speech, social intelligence, behavior, emotions and self-control.
We also paid special attention to the professional correction of children with such diseases as cerebral palsy, down syndrome, alalia, dyslexia, mental retardation and many other ailments.
Download "Mom I can" and choose the direction for working with a child depending on your goal: "Development" or "Correction".
Complete the quiz and get a personalized lesson plan, follow your progress with an interactive graph, connect with other parents and professionals in the built-in forum, get recommendations and advice, and share your experience.
Read informative articles on various topics about the correction and development of children, get interesting tips and master classes for the diligent implementation of techniques.

Key features of the application:

1.- The program of classes with the child is formed individually, based on the age group of the child and the needs that you yourself select from the list.
2.- After each session, you put an assessment of your condition and the condition of the child, which is taken into account in the progress graph.
3.- As you complete the lessons, you will be able to track your dynamics on the progress screen, make adjustments to the lesson plan based on the individual characteristics of the child, using the bank of tasks.
4.– In addition, complete the "Tasks for the day" to increase the effectiveness of the methods.
5.– We have implemented a built-in forum where you can ask a question of interest and get qualified help from specialists or advice from other parents.
6.– Receive push notifications and hints that you need to conduct classes with your child and in what time interval.
7.– In the Useful section you can read: informative articles about education and treatment; what to do with yourself and your child, as well as get a lot of exciting master classes and tests for the development of children
8.– To avoid burnout when working with a child, you can use the SOS button available in any section of the application, where tips and practices are given to quickly improve the emotional background and continue the lesson in a positive way.
9.- TO SPECIALISTS!!! We have implemented a functionality that allows you to choose who you are during registration: a parent or a specialist. In addition to working with children according to the recommended program, you will have the opportunity to create your own using many exercises from the task bank, as well as add your own successful practices. You will be able to advise parents on the forum, get likes for it and use them in the rating system. All successful cases of helping parents increase your rating, and are also transferred to your personal profile, and other users can see your merits, the higher your profile rating on the forum, the more people will want to sign up for a consultation with you.
10.- Share app link via built-in "Share with Friend" feature

What else?
To make sure of the usefulness and convenience of using our product, we give a 2-week trial period, without any reduction in functionality, after which you can choose to subscribe for a month or purchase the app once and for all, without a time limit.
Enjoy your use and know that we are always close to you in touch and ready to help!
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