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Last updated: Sunday, November 13, 2022

Ellie Jenny Mod Minecraft PE - add a cutie girlfriend in survival world MCPE.

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A beautiful event has visited our Pocket Edition world🌏 - Family Mod for Minecraft game is already available for brave guys and girls! If virtual friends and relationships have been on your mind for a long time, the Mod Girl for Minecraft will allow you to get one❤. It won't cost you anything to meet a loyal friend, or find a date and start a relationship to create a family. The friends you'll get with Ellie Jenny Mod Minecraft PE will be faithful companions, your wife will help create comfort and become a faithful hostess, and your child will play with your bling as a worthy mentor and receiver😊.

Mods / addons will lead your travel straight to the city Girlfriends Mod Minecraft, populated by girls, among whom the game will give you the opportunity to find a sweet lady worthy of your heart❤ with Minecraft Jenny Mod. The world🌏 Bedrock creates favorable conditions to meet one or more girls. Playing Family Mod for Minecraft MCPE has always been a pleasure, it will be even more enjoyable when your coworkers also get a couple, and you'll arrange a travel around the world together! ⚡️ Ellie Jenny Mod Minecraft PE is an addon that adds exceptionally fresh items and features that you haven't seen before by going around the entire Pocket Edition world. Minecraft Jenny Mod boasts useful addons such as:
✅ 3 bold guy skins and 4 cute girl skins that will fill your community;
✅ Pocket Edition will allow you to check the relationship status of the characters who are standing opposite you;
✅ Mod Girl for Minecraft will allow you to choose one, or several girls, whom you can call to be your wife with a diamond - give it to her and, if the love❤ is mutual, you will see a characteristic animation;
✅ What's a relationship without offspring in Girlfriends Mod Minecraft? A child will appear to you shortly after the creation of the mating MCPE bond. He will grow over time, ask for food, cry, get sick - basically everything just like in real life😊;
✅ when the child will be playing with other such babies, and your friends are already waiting for you to go on a raid - Minecraft Jenny Mod wife will be able to cook you a delicious meal, to replenish health and satiety😉.

Our mods don't stop there. The game Bedrock, after installing the Family Mod for Minecraft will give you a complete instruction and list of innovations, and for completeness the addon is filled with pictures and hints. Mod Girl for Minecraft allows you to meet a mass of characters, make friendships and love relationships, and plan a travel with your family around the MCPE universe! ⚡️ It's all thanks to our developers, who have made sure that mods and addons are available for all devices and versions of the Bedrock app.

Ellie Jenny Mod Minecraft PE is an entertainment content that is not related to Mojang Studios. It owns the brand and trademark that develops the official releases. Any other addon we have, such as Girlfriends Mod Minecraft also has nothing to do with this studio.
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Ellie Jenny Mod Minecraft PE
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