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Summer is in full swing, meaning your house is likely all cleaned out and ready for a serious upgrade. You’ve found the most-gorgeous paint color for your walls and a bold duvet cover for your bed, but now it’s time to get down to the details. There are lots of fun ways to add a pop of color here and there, but nothing compares to bringing a little outdoors inside. Indoor gardens freshen up your space and let you exercise your green thumb, so embrace your creativity and get to making these 1000+ fun DIY hanging planters that are all about bringing a little mother nature into your home.

DIY Beaded Plant Hangers: Since plants bring life into your home, why not give their pots something lively to hang out in? Throw together this gorgeous DIY with just a few materials and a little creativity.

DIY Clay Hanging Air Plant Holders: When in doubt, clay it out. Make these gorgeous planters to house your wee air plants.

DIY Faux Ceramic Hanging Planters: These pretty neutrals will go perfectly in your kitchen or bedroom. Pro tip: If you don’t love the hanging look, these guys can sit on the counter or tabletop too!

DIY Brass Himmeli Hangers: Adding a little glam to your home has never been so easy. Fancy things up with these shiny bad boys.

DIY Clay Ice Cream Cone Planters: Ice cream lovers, this craft is perfect for you. Put your succulents in this planter, which definitely doesn’t succ (pun intended!).

DIY Hanging Leather Planters: If you’re all about color and ready to add a little more to your home, then you’ll definitely want to try out this DIY. Choose your favorite colors and get painting to make these planters that your friends will definitely covet.

DIY Neon Straw Hanging Planters: Calling all neon-obsessed makers! These bright and colorful planters bring a modern look to the retro macrame style. Plus, everything you need to make them is probably lying around your house already.

DIY Beads and Birds Hanging Planters: Guess how easy it is to make these adorable planters? All you have to do is pick up a couple animal-shaped pots and start crafting with some wooden beads and leather, and you’ll have the perfect hanging vessel.
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Each 1000+ DIY Hanging Planters Ideas has helpful photos and step-by-step instructions to ensure you don\'t miss a step. Once you\'ve mastered any one of these new 1000+ DIY Hanging Planters Ideas, find a 1000+ DIY Hanging Planters Ideas and put your skills to the test!
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