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Professor storytelling series - "Listen to the story happily learn the language" (free trial) APK

2.3.0 for Android 4.0 and up and up


Listen to the story happily learn the language, Professor Xie Sikkim to develop comprehensive and efficient literacy teaching method as the blueprint of life experience combined with young children, causing children interest in learning, early childhood literacy rich amount, to enhance the language skills of young children.

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"Listen to the story happily learn the language," the story of early childhood applications to literacy education, the teaching of reading, listening and speaking teaching teaching design focus. Professor Xie Sikkim story designed to develop a "comprehensive and efficient literacy teaching method" modeled on the combined experience of life and psychological vocabulary of children, causing children's interest in learning the content, the amount of rich children's literacy, while improving the language skills of young children. App for parents use with children 2-6 years old.

Content and features
1. Complete curriculum
- in conjunction with the full application of early childhood learning programs;
- a four-year course to study for a long time by the University of Hong Kong research team, complete with the learning needs of young children growing up;
- course included children living with the daily needs of different expression vocabulary (nouns, verbs, emotion word), sentence;
- in a complete curriculum, let the children win at the starting line on.

2. series of stories and Affective Education
- application included a series of different stories, including Richangshenghuo series, campus life series, soaring knowledge series;
- story with the child's age , combined with the child life experience;
- children learn the story interesting, learning outcomes more efficiently;
- and different stories with different themes affection;
- at the same time knowledge and learning, and effective child develop good moral character affection.

3. Learning and review exercises
- each with their own story while learning focus, let the children have learned to depend;
- each with their own story to relive another practice let the children learn new things.

4. eliminate the limitations of learning space
- application can be used with different learning scenarios use;
- in the classroom, teachers and children can be used as classroom teaching;
- at home, parents and children can be used as parent-child reading;
- in different places, children can be self-study at any time;
- the story of the child at any time children learn to love learning.

5. Multi-level design language
- an application that uses five-level design language ability;
- Language ability levels, including words, beginner, intermediate, advanced and advanced;
- parents may be based on the child's age and ability to select the appropriate children learn the story;
- children after the completion of a particular stage of learning, may be moving to a higher level;
- gradual learning, let the child's language the ability to develop more solid foundation.

6. bilingual version
- applications have both Chinese and English versions;
- Chinese version uses simplified and traditional Chinese characters double design;
- When children read the story you can learn while simplified and traditional Chinese characters;
- English version of Chinese children after reading the story, learning English;
- bilingual teaching, effectively enhance the child's language skills.
- bilingual control, real-time learning two languages.

7. Mandarin, Cantonese, English language dubbing triple
- Apps has "Putonghua", "the Cantonese", "English" triple dubbing language;
- Design triple dubbing language, so that children can learn two languages ​​and three dialects while listening to stories, children's intensive language basis.

8. storytelling and reading aloud the story of the double dubbing mode
- application has "storytelling" and "read the story" double dubbing mode;
- "storytelling" model is the use of spoken language in the form of stories dubbing, let the children easy to listen to the story;
- "read the story" mode is dubbed by the written form of the story, let the children learn to read, learning the written language;
- design double dubbing mode, so children learn effective elegant Chinese spoken and written language.

9. Recording function
- application with recording function.
- Children While reading the story, you can be the voice for the story,
- Children can role-play with parents record their voices
- let the children read the creation stories of their own.

10. link physical picture
- focus on learning the words of the story with a physical picture link
- Let children learn words at the same time, understanding the true image of things;
- effectively enhance the child cognitive things of life.

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Date published: Feb 16, 2016

Current version: 2.3.0

Requires android: 4.0 and up

Content rating: Rated for 3+




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