Last updated: February 2023

Train smarter and achieve your athletic goals through genetics and fitness data.



Using genetics as the foundation, GENEFIT delivers truly personalized scores and recommendations for training, recovery, injury management and nutrition. GENEFIT empowers individual athletes and teams with better decision making through proactive and actionable data, generated by intelligent algorithms and packaged in an easy-to-understand interface.

- Load balance
o Shows whether your training load is optimal to promote fitness, without risking overtraining and injury
- Injury scores for muscle, connective tissue and stress fractures
o Indicates how your body is adapting to your training load, given your unique genetics and injury history
- Feel
o Provides a holistic assessment of how you are dealing with training commitments while living a full and complex life
- GeneFit Consistency
o A measure of how well you are completing your daily steps-to-success
- Steps-to-Success
o Daily genetic-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to improve health and performance
- Caffeine Ergogenics
o Genetic-based dosage recommendations to enhance caffeine’s ergogenic effect
- Oura integration
o Physiological measurements including resting heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep and readiness, collected by your Oura ring
- Trends
o Track your GENEFIT Consistency against other athletes
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GENEFIT APK 1.6.356 Update

Genetics overview: Dedicated to view the player grouping for various performance categories.
Practitioner input: The Practitioner now has the ability to create and “push” unique recommendations to each player’s app.
Performance plan: Personalised cards and plans for each player will display on the relevant player’s app.

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Aug 30, 2022
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