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Last updated: September 2022

Move to save the doge escape from bees.

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Dog Adventure - Catch the Food game

These bees are dangerous! The doge is in danger! Could you protect dog from the fierce bees?

Doge Adventure - Catch the Food is a casual puzzle game. Move the dog to protect him from attacks by bees and help him catch the food. Play "Doge Adventure - Catch the Food" now with the simple gameplay:

- Move the main characters (Yellow Dog, Pink Dog, and Beehive) by swiping left, right, up, down
- At each swipe, the character moves from the standing position to the end of the path (meaning that the character cannot be stopped in the middle of the road, unless there is a flower standing next to it)

In this dogventure, let's try to find the best way to complete each level by moving the dog in the shortest time possible.

Just 3% people can reach level 30 with 3 stars. How about you? Be creative and think outside of the box! Doge needs your help!
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Sep 19, 2022
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Dog Adventure - Catch the Food
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