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Raising Herbivore Warrior - Idle Merge RPG APK

  • by MLL GAMES
  • Version: 1.2.00
  • Updated on: Aug 05, 2019
Kill monsters and grow Herbivore Warrior!.
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The description of app by: MLL GAMES

It is indie game developer MLL GAMES.
A valuable review is a great power for developers.
Thank you very much.

Official Website: https://mllgames.modoo.at/

■ Game description ■
Raising Herbivore Warrior is a game that fosters warriors.
Merge various equipment (swords, shields, helmets, armor) and equip your warriors with equipment.
Easy to operate, you can enjoy the game by merge equipment.

■ Game Features ■
- Easy and simple level up system
- Buff Skill Content
- Check-in content
- Mailbox contents
- Coupon system
- Free ad reward content
- Swords, shields, helmets, armor can be synthesized to acquire upper items
- Boss Content
- Duel contents
- Achievement content
- Ranking contents
- Battery saving mode and burn-in prevention!
- Pet's content and growth system

* Requires network (3G / LTE / WiFi) when using apps.
* Contact Email: [email protected]
What's New
Raising Herbivore Warrior Version 1.1.08
Patch history: https://mllgames.modoo.at/
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