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Last updated: Tuesday, September 20, 2022

TutorLock- Educational Kid Quiz & App Locker.

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Is your kid overusing a certain app? Maybe it’s a game that he/she is obsessed with or a social media app.

Introducing TutorLock! 👩‍🎓 The educational app locker allows you to lock apps on the kid’s phone with educational quiz questions. The locked apps can only be unlocked with correct answers making it a perfect educational and kid security app for parents and teachers.

Imagine locking their favorite game. Instead of them hating you for the day, with TutorLock you have a unique way out; answer the questions and you can enjoy the game. SIMPLE! The great thing is as a parent/teacher you can customize your own quiz questions and set multiple questions before they get to unlock the apps.

The TutorLock app has pre-ready questions divided into multiple educational categories such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and more. Not only that but our educational fun question categories are also divided into subcategories allowing you to target your kid’s weak spot. For example, you can target only multiplication.

Teachers and parents can visit the “Teacher’s Lounge” and add custom questions. Additionally, any parent can add custom quiz questions and answers, then disable the TutorLock questions. This allows for better and more targeted learning (e.g. specific test prep).

What’s great about TutorLock is that you can add multiple questions to any locked app. Meaning you can make things harder when they need to be.

Our educational android parental control app allows you to lock any app on your kid’s phone. Simply use the app locker to create a children’s guided access for android phones.

✨TutorLock FEATURES:
- parental control & kids educational quiz app in one
- add multiple kids
- lock any app with kid’s trivia questions
- pick from multiple educational categories
- each category has subcategories for more targeted questions
- add your custom questions and create personalized quizzes👨‍🎓
- set custom number of questions needed for an app to be unlocked
- smart parenting tool
- teacher’s lounge where teachers can add questions

✅ Download TutorLock, The Educational Kids Quiz & App Locker now for FREE!
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