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Mod Livery JB2 SHD PO Haryanto APK

Bussid hd hariyanto mod livery collection, complete with cool busside livery.
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The description of app by: Monster Mod

Hello brother and sister are all welcome, the most wanted by busside residents, because there are many bussid shd colors, bussid xhd livery and jb3 bussid livery. The application is livery bussid po haryanto. This PO is a bus with many choices of busside livery. so the busside auto mod makes users feel more comfortable playing this game. not only haryanto po, but we also offer a bussid livery sudiro taya collection that you can download for free. There are bussid livery hd png and avante bussid livery that spoil you more and more to download this bussid bimasena-livery.

This busside vehicle fashion application also offers accessories for live webbis, such as alloy wheels, full strobe mod bussid and complete mod bussid vehicles that you can of course download. There is a telet bush horn that faithfully accompanies you through the obstacles on the lauik route, which are famous for being very steep and steep. It is very difficult for the mod bussid flat bus to make the sideways sitinjau rise, which adds to the excitement of playing this Indonesian busside bus simulator.

How to download busside livery is as follows:
1. Download this bussid jb3 hdd mod.
2. Save in your storage memory and move it to the BUSSID folder.
3. Open your bussid application and open the garage menu.
4. Select the modbus of your vehicle and congratulate your complete bussid mod livery automatically replacing it.
Come on, download the mod bussid vehicle immediately and install this bussid v 3.0 mod bus because there is a mod bussid mountain treasure and a double decker bussid mod. Thank you for those of you who have this full strobesbus bus mod. Have downloaded.
What's New
-Extra JB2-kleuren SHD PO Haryanto
-Verbeterde downloadlink
- Toegevoegd horn horny collectie
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