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Last updated: October 2022

Name and color your emotions, tame them, and track emotion reactions and moods.

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An easy way to track emotions and moods. Name it to tame it, track emotion reactions, triggers, secondary emotions, and your emotion reaction and mood comments. Find patterns in your moods and triggers that affect your emotions to improve your overall good feelings and well-being.

Make friends with your emotions:
All emotions are part of you and there are no good or bad emotions. Our feelings, whether they are comfortable or not, serve a function and can give us important information about our lives and our well-being. So rather than engaging in battle with them, try befriending and taking control of your emotions instead. We must acknowledge our emotions as they happen. They are bursts of energy within us, and ignoring our emotions gives them power.

Name It to Tame It:
Give a name, color and emoji/image to your emotions. Knowing someone’s name tells them that they are seen, known, and connected. Our emotions deserve the same respect. This way you also have a better connection with your emotions and you are able to control them better.

Track emotion reactions:
Tracking your emotion reactions helps you identify patterns in your moods and triggers that affect your emotions. Emotional awareness will give you insight into how you are experiencing the emotion beforehand.

Track your mood:
A mood calendar is a simple but effective way of keeping track of your moods and mood comments. It can help you identify patterns and establish better understanding of your well-being. Keeping a mood calendar can be done with little effort, but the benefits can be huge for your well-being.

Positive emotions:
Positive emotions don't just feel good — they're good for you.

Positive emotions have numerous benefits to health and well-being, and when we feel more positive emotions than negative ones, difficult situations are easier to handle.

Identifying, naming, coloring and tracking your positive emotions is a way to increase positive emotions in everyday life.

By tracking positive emotions, you can be more aware of the positive feelings you already experience and the triggers, situations or activities that bring them, and you can have more of them in your life.

You can also focus on a specific positive emotion and act to increase it. When you know what triggers the positive emotions you want to increase, you can try to increase those situations and activities in your everyday life.

Negative emotions:
Accepting that negative emotions, in ourselves and others, are part of being human allows us to build greater compassion for how others might present themselves and why.

Name It to Tame It: Label your emotions to overcome negative thoughts. Research has shown that mere labeling of negative emotions can help people recover control.

By tracking your emotion reactions, triggers and moods, you can learn how your lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns, and activity affect your negative emotions. You can also begin to predict when certain situations will lead to negative emotions and develop healthy coping mechanisms for handling them.

Emotion triggers:
Emotion triggers are unique to each person. Triggers can be people, places or things, as well as smells, words or colors. Emotion triggers can also be automatic responses to the way others express emotions, like anger or sadness.

Tracking positive emotion triggers helps you be more aware of the positive feelings you already experience, and the situations or activities that bring them, and you can encourage more of them in your life.

Addressing the root cause of your negative emotion triggers can help lessen their impact over time. Becoming more aware of your triggers — and what to do when they appear — can improve your overall well-being and control of your emotions.

Trust your feelings no matter what they are, and trust yourself. Your emotions are part of you 🙂
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