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Last updated: Sunday, November 20, 2022

Join a community of changemakers working to create positive social/env. change!.

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The biggest hurdle of any aspiring changemaker is getting started. In order to change the world, you need to have resources, connections, knowledge and experience - all out of reach for most. Communiivate intends to change that by becoming the world's largest changemaker platform; hosting an active, tightly-knit community of incredible individuals and continuously improving accessibility for positive change-making.

Communiivate's features include:

- Hands-free networking via push notification suggestions
- Direct messaging and group-chat capabilities
- Post updates and a post thread system for logging user progress
- Robust, in-app filtering systems for finding likeminded changemakers
- Versatile team-spaces for collaborative efforts
- Mentorship features and a space for writing personal references
- Access to Communiivate's free, user-initiative marketing program
- A no-frills, yet surprisingly dense UI that beginners will find easy to utilize and veterans can continue to explore

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Communiivate APK 2.11 Update

Version 2.11 contains:
- features for adding personal references to profile
- minor UI improvements for profile and Bubble home pages

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Nov 20, 2022
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Jul 10, 2021
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