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Magic Styrofoam Clay Bugs Tutorial APK

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Package name: com.murlockapps.magicstyrofoamclaybugstutorial

Kids will buzz with creative delight when they learn to make these easy adorable foam-bodied critters. Use bugs to decorate room fridge or locker.

Completion time – 1-2 hours

Eggs, one each: 4" (ladybug); 3" (bee)

Other Materials
Air-dry modeling compound: black; red; white; yell
Window screening, 3" x 7"
Black plastic-coated paper clip
Black plastic-coated craft wire
Mini flower clay cutter
Serrated knife
Candle stub or paraffin
Rolling pin
Scissors: regular; decorative-edge (optional)
Wire cutters
Thick, white craft glue

Ladybug -
1. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin. Cut 4"
foam egg in half lengthwise; set aside one half-egg. (NOTE:
This step is not for children; an adult should be available to
cut with a serrated knife.)

2. Use rolling pin to roll 2" ball of red modeling compound to
1/8" thickness, turning several times to prevent sticking.
Place one half-egg cut side down on compound; cut compound
slightly larger than egg.

3. Roll four 1" balls of black compound and three 1" balls of
white compound; roll each ball into a log. Beginning with
black, place alternating logs close together on work surface.
Press logs together and roll to 1/8" thickness, large enough
to cover top of egg. Drape compound over egg; trim excess.
Press edges together to seal.

4. For flowered wings, roll 2" ball of red and 1" ball of
black to 1/8"-thick circles. Use clay cutter to cut several
flowers from each circle; replace cut-outs in red compound
with black cut-outs. Gently press compound together.

5. For marbled wings, roll 1" balls of white, black and red
into logs; twist together. Fold in half and repeat until
desired effect is achieved. Roll compound to 1/8"-thick circle.

6. Cut one end from wing circle, then cut circle in half.
Refer to photo to press wings to body, slightly separated and
leaving head exposed.

7. For face, roll small amounts of white and red compound into
tiny balls for eyes and nose as shown; press to head. Add
small black dots to eyes; press to secure.

8. Cut two 3" wire lengths; wrap wire around pencil to curl.
Glue wire ends into head for antennae; let dry. When dry, spot
glue eyes and nose to head to secure as needed.

Bee -
1. Repeat ladybug Step 3, using yellow compound in place of white.
Roll compound out large enough to wrap around entire 3" foam egg.

2. Beginning at wide end (face), wrap compound around egg. Do
not stretch compound too tightly; it will shrink during drying
process. Press seam together; use scissors to trim excess. If
any foam is visible at small end of egg, add circle of black
compound; press to foam.

3. Refer to photo. Repeat ladybug Step 7 to create face, using
yellow compound in place of red.

4. Fold screening in half. Use decorative-edge or standard
scissors to cut teardrop-shaped wing on fold. Unfold wings.
Cut paperclip in half; dip ends into glue. Use paperclip to
attach center of wings to body.

the creativity is endless. so enjoy your own favorite guys!

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Date published: Dec 26, 2017

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