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Instruction on small business to the Makarov pistol.

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Manual on small business to the 9 mm Makarov pistol (PM) edition of 1953.

9-mm Makarov pistol (PM, GAU index - 56-A-125 (unofficial slang name - "Makarov", "Makar", "Makarych") - semi-automatic pistol, designed by Soviet designer Nikolai Fedorovich Makarov . in 1948, PM from 1951 to this day serves as a personal weapon in the Soviet and post-Soviet armed forces and law enforcement agencies

on the creation of his pistol Makarov worked day and night According to the memoirs designer:.. "Suffice it to say that I while working on a daily basis, almost seven days a week, from Sun mi in the morning until two or three o'clock in the morning, with the result that I have modified and shot samples in two or even three times more than my opponents, which, of course, made it possible to perfectly fulfill the reliability and survivability. "The overall layout PM is similar to "Walter", but the trigger mechanism is designed very differently differently resolved store latch and fuse administered gate delay and so on. d. at the same time, a solution with a hinged trigger guard as the restrictor valve stroke borrowed from German designs. In general, the PM is much easier, "Walter", there are fewer parts due to overlapping of their functions.

PM has remained in service with the army and the police, and after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. PM also continues to be used in many former socialist countries, thanks to its simplicity and reliability. PM modifications are made in Russia and Bulgaria, and to this day.


Part one.
SYSTEM GUN, handling, care and savings.
Chapter I. General Information.
Purpose and properties fighting gun
General structure and operation of the gun.
Chapter II. Disassembly, assembly, cleaning and lubrication gun.
Disassembly and assembly of the pistol.
Cleaning and lubrication gun.
Chapter III. Function and parts of the machine gun mechanism, a cartridge and accessories.
Function and parts of the machine gun mechanism.
The purpose and the device belonging to the gun.
Of the cartridge device.
Chapter IV. Work units and mechanisms of the gun.
The position of the gun parts and mechanisms.
Work pieces and when loading the gun mechanisms.
Work units and mechanisms loaded pistol when the fuse.
Work pieces and the gun when firing mechanisms.
Work units and mechanisms of the gun after the shot.
Work units and mechanisms of the gun when firing DA mode.
Work units and gun mechanisms for expenditure of ammunition from the store.
Delays in pistol shooting and remedies
Chapter V. Survey, preparing to shoot a gun and ammunition, care for them and their savings.
Inspection gun assembled.
Inspection gun disassembled.
Inspection rubbing, pistol holster and strap.
Inspection of live ammunition.
Preparing the gun to fire.
Storage pistol and cartridges.
Chapter VI. Check the gun battle and bringing it to the normal battle.
Check battle and bringing to normal combat pistol.
Part two.
Methods and rules of shooting from a pistol.
Chapter VII. Techniques pistol shooting.
, The ready to fire.
Shots production.
Stop shooting.
To stop shooting from behind cover.
Chapter VIII. Rules of pistol shooting.
The choice of location for the shooting.
Target selection.
Selecting the aiming point.
Shooting in low visibility conditions.
Shooting under the action of toxic and radioactive substances.
Power consumption and their patrons in the battle.
The weighting and linear data 9mm pistol Makarov (PM).
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