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  • by Onedev91
  • Version: 2.0
  • Updated on: Feb 23, 2019
Inspiration of lipstick and eyeshadow color combinations.
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The various colors of lipstick and eyeshadow will sometimes make you confused. Which color combination is suitable for use together. The following are some makeup inspirations for lipstick and eyeshadow colors.

Red lipstick is indeed a color that attracts attention. However, that does not mean you cannot wear eyeshadow for fear of being too excessive. To balance the red lipstick and add glamor, you can choose eyeshadow with a little inspiration for makeup. Of course, don't overdo it. Red and gold is a combination that exudes classic beauty. Look feminine, but not afraid to attract attention.

Like red and gold, smokey eye and nude lipstick are a classic combination. Not too bold because of the natural lipstick color. Matched with beautiful black / brown color makeup inspiration. For the classic impression, it's nude and black / brown is the winner. However, for those of you who want more unexpected colors, replace the black / brown with a violet smokey eye. This will give the impression of a fresh makeup inspiration combination.

The combination of pink and white gives a sweet and innocent impression. With white eyeshadow, the eyes instantly become brighter. Coupled with the joy of pink makes it a good blend of makeup inspiration. Pink and bronze complement each other. Bronze colors are indeed natural, so they are almost suitable to be combined with any color lipstick. The warmth of bronze and pink gives the impression of inspiring makeup.

Pink and bright eyeshadow combination gives a retro feel that is fun. For those of you who want a more modern appearance, choose pink lipstick that doesn't attract too much attention. Coupled with a faint blue eyeshadow combination than the appearance of eyeshadow that is too heavy. This may be an inspirational combination of makeup that looks more "mature" than using pink lipstick. In this view, the main focus is your eyes. However, your lips still look beautiful with makeup inspiration.

For those of you who want to try using coral lipstick, you can start by mixing it with champagne. Coral lipstick can brighten the face. While champagne eyeshadow provides a soft focus on your eyes so as to provide an inspiring balance of makeup.
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