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Last updated: Thursday, November 3, 2022

The opening ceremony of the animal games is about to begin.

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Orc Arena-Merge Duel game

The opening ceremony of the animal games is about to begin.
According to the latest scientific research, substances extracted from animals are combined with drugs, which can be transformed into animals as long as they are injected.
This is a new discovery in the history of mankind, and it is also an important step in the history of science. As a result, we have held a different sports meeting.
This is a combination of human and animal games, each athlete needs to collect the corresponding color squares on the field, and reach the corresponding number to clear the obstacles on their own track.
Further forward, you can win the championship of this sports meeting when you reach the finish line.
Who is the winner of the champion's trophy? Let's wait and see.

Game features:
1. There are three different colors of squares, and you can only collect squares of their own corresponding colors.
2. You can get a square by knocking out an opponent.
3. Swimming, rock climbing and other sports competitions are waiting for you to challenge.
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