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Last updated: January 2023

It’s Talking Tom, the virtual pet cat who loves to chat.

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My Talking Tom is a popular mobile game developed by Outfit7 Limited. The game allows players to adopt and take care of a virtual pet cat named Tom. Players can feed Tom, take him to the bathroom, put him to bed, and play mini-games with him to keep him entertained.

One of the main features of My Talking Tom is the ability to customize Tom's appearance. Players can choose from a variety of clothes and accessories to dress Tom up in. They can also change his fur color and style, as well as decorate his home with different furniture and items.

In addition to taking care of Tom, players can also interact with him by talking to him or using the game's built-in microphone to have Tom repeat what they say. Tom will also respond to touch, and players can tap on him to make him perform different actions.

My Talking Tom also includes a variety of mini-games that players can participate in to earn coins, which can then be used to purchase additional items and accessories for Tom. These mini-games include activities such as puzzle solving, memory matching, and rhythm games.

Overall, My Talking Tom is a fun and entertaining game that is perfect for players of all ages. It offers a variety of activities and customization options to keep players engaged, and the cute and lovable virtual pet cat Tom is sure to become a beloved companion.

Is Talking Tom good for kids?

My Talking Tom is generally considered to be a suitable game for kids. The game is rated for all ages, and its content is generally appropriate for children. The gameplay involves taking care of a virtual pet, which can be a good way for kids to learn about responsibility and caring for a pet. The mini-games included in the game are also educational and can help kids improve their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

That being said, it is always important for parents to monitor their children's screen time and the content they are exposed to. Some of the mini-games in My Talking Tom do include elements of luck and the use of virtual currency, which could potentially be confusing or misleading for younger children. It is also worth noting that while the game is free to download, it does include in-app purchases that allow players to buy additional virtual currency and items. As with any game or app that includes in-app purchases, it is important for parents to be aware of this and to set up any necessary parental controls to prevent unintended purchases.

How to play My Talking Tom to Level Up Quickly

There are a few ways to level up quickly in My Talking Tom:

  1. Play mini-games: Participating in mini-games is one of the main ways to earn coins and experience points (XP) in the game. The more mini-games you play, the more coins and XP you will earn, which will help you level up faster.

  2. Take care of Tom: Keeping Tom happy and healthy is another way to earn XP and level up quickly. Make sure to feed Tom, take him to the bathroom, and put him to bed on time. You can also interact with Tom by talking to him or playing with him, as this will also earn you XP.

  3. Watch ads: My Talking Tom includes the option to watch ads in exchange for coins and XP. While this option is not always available, it can be a quick way to earn some extra XP when it is.

  4. Use boosters: Boosters are special items that can be purchased with real money or earned through gameplay that will give you a temporary XP boost. Using boosters can help you level up faster, but keep in mind that they are only available for a limited time.

By following these tips and regularly playing the game, you should be able to level up quickly in My Talking Tom.

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