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Army Missile Launcher 3D Truck : Army Truck Games APK

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Play Army Missile Launcher 2018 Against Terrorist Using Scud and Missile Control

Play this Army Missile Launcher 3D Truck : Army Truck Games Shaurya blast scud missile game 3d and control the seat of nuclear Scud Missile Vehicle and Go to launch kamikaze bomb missiles on terrorist points. The truck maneuver scud army truck is free game and it have the realistic graphics in this Astra BVRAAM war base realistic explosion strategy. The Pakistan army game is very amazing you have to drive the latest tech scud simulator to drive the vehicle missile in india army battle war zone and missile attack on the enemies. Defend the US Marine national defense system using tactical ballistic missiles and try to accomplish the combat mission by shooting the scud missile launcher. Fight against Burma terrorist so don’t show any mercy and launch Ghaznavi missile battle and destroy their camps by using the extremely dangerous Shaheen missile in 3d war game environment.
Accept the first world command and buckle up the scud seat belt and start the ignition of army truck and start driving to enemies’ camp and nuke em. There is a place for your army Ghauri missile launcher vehicle which is called launch site so try to reach there in time because you have very limited times to destroy the terrorist militants. The graphics and control in this bombardment army truck simulator is amazing & the environment is realistic. Scud models which is used in war some of them are Elbrus, R-11 Zemlya, R-17 Elbrus, Hwasong-6/Shahab-2, Rodong-1, Burkan-1, Scud A, Scud C and Scud D. So play Army Missile Launcher 3D Truck : Army Truck Games for free.

Your main responsibility is to control the Ababeel missile launcher so becareful and start to launch the Babur ballesitic missile to save the second world from terrorists. So if you’re smart enough and have great strategy then there is no chance for enemies to survive the Zarb killer attack.This zarb e azb marine scud launcher is very powerful and it have latest technology. This rocket game is best arma ops vehicle and it is very dangerous in the war zone area. But you have to aware from raad ul fasad operation enemy tactics because they are very cleaver to hide their military camp in the mountain so go ahead and find their camps. Try to reach the wartruck Barq missile launch site and attack with the launchers and destroy all enemy sites. This Alacrán missile will destroy enemy tanks. The real Akash commando job is to desroy and attack on Nag enemies in the battle field.
Your role is US army soldier and you have to drive 3d scud this is very different sektor game so before playing the game you have war skill and must have military school training because you need tactics to be successful in surface-to-surface enemies war zone.
You must defend third world from Helina deadly mines using Theatre ballistic missile mania because the enemy fanatical army truck driver is very dangerous so be careful and try to avoid the c4 mines in the deploy zones.There is helicopter to attack on you in the enemy zone. So there are different location where cold war enemies deployed troops and mines on the off road dive way. So the enemies are threating your security system so be aware from fighter choppers and deadly guns. One advantage you have is that you laction is in a safe zone so you can easily drive to the enemies area.
Once you launche the missile from 4x4 truck game, the next phase is to control the missile and attack like kamikaze. The fuel for the missile is very limited. The Prithvi missile have its own control so you can fly the missile on the way and can change the direction of the missili. The Agni-I MRBM missile will follow your commands, the missile will work like a controlled missile.
The missile is fly by pak army cargo truck and your control and the control of the missile is a little difficult to use. The Dhanush terrorist are hiding in their camps and go on them target your control missile on them. This Army Missile Launcher 3D Truck : Army Truck Games missile launcher is completely free combatant game.
What's New
This Game have two controllers:
- You can control the scud vehicle.
- After Launching the missile you can control the missile.

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