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Last updated: Monday, November 28, 2022

Try a mystical game - light candles in the dungeon world.

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Candle Clicker Idle: Dungeon game

Descend into the dungeon and lit candles. Play epic clicker game, light up the dungeon and get income for it. Start your adventure in the mystical dungeon world. 🕯️

🕯️Do you dream of building the world's biggest underground empire? Candle Clicker Idle: Dungeon is the idle clicker game for you. Tap and collect money and gold from the mysterious candles, light up the dungeon . Tap and earn coins endlessly - upgrade Speed, Fire and Material. Also, use artifacts as Mythical Runes and Candle Buffs to increase income.

🕯️Types of RUNES🕯️
🛡️ARMOR - a magical rune that protects the candle from bad weather.
💰 INCOME - an artifact, that increase passive income for 15 min.
⏳TIME - use this rune to get more time for 1 candle.
✨RARE - a mystical secret artefact. Use it and something amazing will happen.

🕯️Upgrade Candle Buffs and get more chances of a mystical runes falling out.
Start your journey to build your underground empire. Tap, tap, tap - light candles, and earn more rewards to evolve your dungeon . Get daily buffs and runes, earn rewards and increase number of candles, that will help you achieve more coins.

*Game has extra features and additional items that can be purchased with money.

🕯️Download Candle Clicker Idle and feel yourself in the magic underground world. Play for FREE now.🕯️
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Candle Clicker Idle: Dungeon APK 0.0.8 Update


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