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An app to calculate land details and analyze investment is profitable or not.
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The description of app by: PrashanthP


Land investment calculator is a quick check on how your investments would be benefit you over a period of time. Compare with other financial instruments if it's a profitable investment or not. Get to know the returns if the land is appreciated by certain percentage of choice. Use this for illustration before investment or use it for understanding your money is worth an investment compared to other financial investments.

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How to use this app?

Step 1: Land Dimensions

Define land width and length of the land. Total area is a multiplication of this width and length. All the calculations are done based on the total area. Currently only the length and width of the land is given to arrive at the total land area. You can adjust the width and length to get a total area if not all sides are equal and you know the total area already. If the land dimension increases, the total area in meters converts to acres automatically

Step 2: Land cost and total investment

Unit land cost is currently having options to choose from price per sq.feet, price per sq.yard, price per sq. meter and price per acre. You may choose the correct land unit cost as it significantly affects the calculations. Registration fee is not constrained by a government specific rate as the rate which the registration is generally done is a decision between a buyer, seller and the governments prescribed on record price.
Total investment is a sum of all costs.

Step 3: Investments on shared model

You may be working on investment along with a friend, family or business partner and interested to calculate your share on the land. An option is given to choose your investment on the total area / total investment cost. Adjust your percentage ownership by dragging the percentage bar on the slide. Your total area and investment are automatically adjusted

Step 4: Cash or Loan or Both ?

There could be situations where you would want to pool in money from multiple sources. You may choose to invest part of your investment by borrowing money from lenders. Choose how much money you want your investments will have from other channels. You must define rate of interest and duration of repay.
A simple interest formula is used to calculate the total interest paid for the duration of repay

Step 5: Analyze your investments

It would be quite interesting to know about the possibility of land appreciation and how your returns would look like under the finance model which you adopted for. You may choose the % of appreciation of your choice. It could be your gut feel that your investment would reach to this target. Percentage incremental factor is applied to the base unit land cost rate and increments are automatically shown for ease of calculations. An absolute return is also calculated to give you a view in monitory terms on how much you gain.

Additional facility is also given with respect to the duration, i.e., how soon the you think the investments would gain with respect to time duration in years.

A quick summary of your investments if done using a secure and low risk financial instrument is also given for illustration.

All the very best for your investments and I wish you best of luck.

Disclaimer : User is advised to use this application for approximation ONLY. Use available standard methods to calculate the returns at the time of actual investment.
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