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Examples of very complete physical formulas are here.
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If there is anything I have read numerous times, it's that physicists (and by association astronomers), love symmetry. And there's a lot of symmetry about in the natural world. Of course not all of nature is symmetrical, such as the 2nd 'law' of thermodynamics (time's arrow). However, that 'law' is really only a prediction of possibilities. Therefore, it's not really a universal physical 'law' at all (IMHO). If you wait long enough (under the guise that 'everything not forbidden is compulsory') that 'law' will be broken. For example, sir the cream into your black coffee, and sooner or later (probably much, much, much later) said cream mixed into said coffee will separate out to one side leaving, however briefly, black coffee on the other side.

Symmetry in the physical sciences has had a history of making successful predictions. For example, observed symmetry within the three families/generations of the fundamental particles enabled the prediction of the existence of some missing theoretical particles that would have to fall within in order to make the symmetry come out right. Naturally, these theoretical particles were found, spot on where symmetry predicted.

A more familiar example is the Periodic Table of the Elements. When the overall order or symmetry of the chemical elements was realized, it was further realized that there were gaps - undiscovered elements. Of course it came to pass that all of these predicted elements, required to exist in order to save the symmetry, were eventually discovered.

A third example was the prediction of the positron - antimatter's symmetrical equivalent of the electron - way before it was the positron was actually detected.

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