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Chinese Recipes In Gujrati APK

  • by pingixsoft
  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated on: Aug 11, 2017
This application is collection chinese recipes varieties in gujarati language.
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This application is very useful for preparing punjabi and chinese recipes at home.

Feature :

- Completely offline application so you can use application without internet.
- Beautiful user friendly interface.
- Chang text size for better readability.
- Choose favorite recipe.

Chinese recipes…

* ટમેટો સૂપ
* રેઈનબો સૂપ
* વેજ ડમ્બલ્સ
* ચાઇનીઝ ક્રિસ્પી ભેળ
* વેજ મંચુરિયન
* વેજિટેબલ સ્પગેટી
* મિની ફેટા પિઝા
* હક્કા નૂડલ્સ
* ચાઇનીઝ સમોસા
* કોબી મંચૂરિયન
* ચાઈનીઝ પીઝા,,,,,,,,અને બીજી ઘણી બધી ચાઈનીઝ વાનગીઓ……………………

*The Easiest Easy Chinese Recipes
-Fried Rice - a Basic Recipe for Fried Rice
-Quick and Easy Pineapple Fried Rice
-Blanched Chinese Broccoli With Oyster Sauce - Gai Lan
-Baked Hoisin Sauce Chicken Wings
-Hawaiian Beef Stew - Hawaiian Chinese Recipes
-Chinese Black Sea Bass
-Chinese Chicken Salad
-Easy "Chinese" Crockpot Chicken
-Easy Oyster Sauce Chicken
-Pepper Steak
-Roast Chicken Recipe
-Cucumber Salad
-Almond Float
-Peanut Sauce - an Easy Dipping Sauce Recipe
-Chinese Chilled Melon Fruit Salad
-Steamed Pears
-Pina Colada Tofu Shake
-Hot Bananas in Coconut Milk
-Bananas With Cinnamon Coconut Sauce
-Chinese Almond Cookies
-Sesame Cookies
-Nian Gao - Baked Chinese New Year Cake
-5 Minute Baked Wonton Wrappers
-Five-spice Peanuts
-Spiced Nuts - Recipe For Spiced Nuts With Five-spice Powder
-Vegetarian Potstickers
-Beef and Broccoli Lo Mein With Ramen Noodles
-Sweet and Sour Pork Chops
-Kung Pao Chicken
-"Szechuan" Chicken
-Szechuan Noodles
-Stir-fry Beef With Three Vegetables
-Moo Shu Chicken Wraps
-Asparagus Salad - a Chinese Salad Recipe

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