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AFK Cats - Idle arena with cat heroes APK

Play AFK Cats - an idle RPG with 100+ idle heroes to choose from!.
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The description of app by: Pixel Federation Games

★Addictive IDLE RPG★
Your AFK heroes will fight even when you are offline! Relax and manage a powerful team without all the grinding! When you return to your phone, they will bring materials from auto battle for upgrades and new abilities automatically.
One of the AFK games that you will love.

★ Build your ULTIMATE TEAM ★
Master over 70 different AFK heroes, discover their special powers and combine for hilarious and powerful combos!

★Never before seen WEAPON SYSTEM★
Equip the right weapon on the right hero to get a powerful combination of skills. This will GREATLY boost your AFK rewards!

★ PvP Arena ★
Upgrade your heroes, choose the best strategy and dominate the global leaderboard.

10 000+ battle stages in the Main Campaign
70+ idle heroes with unique skills
100+ unique weapons, upgrades and equipment items to choose from


More levels, heroes and game modes will be added soon.
Survival mode, AFK arena, Guilds and Guild wars are on the way!

The endless AFK RPG begins!

Privacy Policy: https://portal.pixelfederation.com/en/privacy
Terms of service: https://portal.pixelfederation.com/en/eula

We will greatly appreciate your feedback. Feel free to give us one! You can find our feedback form here: https://portal.pixelfederation.com/en/afkcats/support
What's New
Meowssive Recruitment Event will start 19 August 2019
Progression map added to Main Mission with many rewards along the way
Doomba fights are now on stages 100, 500 and 1500
AFK progress summary added at the start of every session
Multiple bugs fixed
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Ratings and reviews
2.94K+ total
5 2,097
4 390
3 143
2 79
1 228

Here are some comments of users who have installed the application, you can consult before downloading and installing.

Aaron Gluck August 16, 2019

I have been enjoying the game, but there is one thing that I dont like that took that 5th star away. Each cat has a leader ability, but each cat elements leader ability is the same and in addition they only effect the followers that are the same element as the leader, so there is no reason to make mixed groups. I would love to see multiple leader abilities and potentially some benefit, but not full, for other followers of different elements. Other than this a good game and the perfect use of ads

Mike Sierra August 16, 2019

I'm gonna update my review : the game overall is fun but it's quite frustrating once you get to a certain level, this is one of those pay to advance further kind of games. The potential for progression without money isn't that bad overall. The drop rates for good items or 5* cats must be very low. I rarely if ever get any 5* cats but I understand that's how they encourage you to spend your own money. Arena battles don't mak any sense, I always drop rank for no reason, game is not optimized.
Pixel Federation Games August 1, 2019
Hey Mike, thanks for being with us since the start! We´ve given players after the necessary resets some great goodies in the inbox in the form of gems, this was just another thank you for all of the players who have joined us from the start. This wasn´t the only reward, but one of many :) Have a nice day

Hải Vũ August 16, 2019

hmm. well, i must say that this game pretty good. An game that play for fun. dont need too much time to play, graphic look ok. And it ez to play, ez to understand. But i dont like this game. Because this game got lag whole the time ! Please fix that problem, tks u all for make this game
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