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Last updated: Sunday, December 5, 2021

red ball stress erase is a game that lets you relax completely.

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red ball stress erase game

red ball stress erase Is an addictive puzzle game where you have to synchronize two characters. Control both balls simultaneously and use the buttons to move, push boxes and collect coins to the exit of the pyramid.

One beautiful day, red and blue ball went out together in the forest, they accidentally lost in the maze. There are a lot of traps and you have to overcome them to get home. They had to solve many tasks of the maze puzzle. Join them on an adventure to escape the temple forest and return home safely.

Water and Fireball's best maze game, team play and adventure game: Forest Temple Maze! Playing with your kids or your friends can be addictive and fun. Spend quality time with ball Lava Red Boy and Blue Ice Cool!

Characteristics of the

- Graphics, effects and sound are carefully equipped and refined.

- Various maps and levels are updated frequently

- Simple but addictive game

- Beautiful characters and designs

- Smooth control

- Download the game completely for free.

How to play

- Use arrows to move red and blue balls and avoid obstacles. The red boy had to avoid water and the blue girl had to avoid fire.

- Just click the "Change" button to change the blue girl ball to the red boy ball

- Collect as many coins as you can

Download and play Red and Blue Ball - today's most popular puzzle game to conquer the fascinating challenges.

Enjoy the red and blue ball and have fun
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red ball stress erase APK 4.2 Update

Joy push ball ball is a casual decompression game. Happy push ball game using the classic push ball ball play, cartoon style to create a new level, play very decompression, relaxed game atmosphere, relax your mood!

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red ball stress erase
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