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  • Updated on: Jan 08, 2018
Tips In Selecting Men's Apparel.
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Most people will never get rid of the clothing model, because clothes become very fatal if we choose wrong, in choosing the right clothing model you should pay attention to your body shape, color, and tailored to the event to be attended. the first woman attraction is from the first impression he saw you, outfit, menfashion, streetstyle when you dress very interesting attention and impress elegant and ganteng maximal woman would be interested in you even business problems that want to cooperate with with will be interested with you are dressed. creating a fascinating first impression. know that you do not look attractive if you are wrong in the dress.

Here are tips on choosing the right clothes:

1. Clothes that fit in the body
Probably many of you who think that wearing a tight shirt will make you look more macho because the shirt shows your curves. Tight clothes may look good if worn by men who have a proportionate body shape.
In addition, the clothes are too loose will also make you not glimpsed by women. The reason, men who use loose clothes will look much older than the actual age. Remember, do not wear clothes that are too loose, unless you are a Hip Hop kid! Well you better take safe aja deh by wearing clothes that fit in the body, not too tight and also not too loose.
One more thing, if you wear a collared shirt, never lift the collar up. By lifting the collar up, it will not make you look cool in the eyes of women, but it will actually make a woman ilfeel when you see.

2. Pants that fit Size
As with clothes, you also have to pay attention to the size of the pants you use. We recommend you use the right pants on your body aka slim fit. If you want to look cool in the eyes of women, do not ever use baggy pants aka baggy pants let alone use it on the hips or under the hips. NEVER EVER! This is because baggy pants will make you look fatter and shorter. Other types of pants that you should avoid is a pair of pencil pants aka skinny jeans because for you a skinny will make you look thinner. And for the fat, skinny jeans will make your fat folds visible.

3. Color
choose clothes, color is one thing that can not be ignored. As much as possible use a suitable shirt color for your skin tone. For those of you who are white, can freely choose the color. As for those of you who have dark skin color, avoid dark colors and use clothes with bright colors.
But the most important thing you need to remember, do not wear clothes with colors that are identical with feminine like pink. Use masculine colors like black, blue, gray, and so on.

4. Motive
Currently, many emerging menswear with a variety of motives, and motives that are currently the trend is pattern motif (floral, mosaic, animal print). If you want to use pattern patterned clothes, choose a small motive. In addition, when using a patterned shirt, avoid the use of patterned pants and pants with bright colors.
For those of you who are afraid to play the motive, just take it safe by using plain clothes. Wearing plain clothes, will not make your looks faded.

5. Customize with Events
Do not let your attention to the people because of how you dress that "baseball really" and not in accordance with the event that you attended. So you have to be smart in choosing the appropriate clothes with the event that was attended, guaranteed deh you will be the attention of the women because of your appearance is cool and it deserves to be the center of attention

Hopefully this application can help you in choosing clothes that suit you.
this app is available offline.

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