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ASMobile Production is an application for controlling egg production.
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The description of app by: Always System Manager ®

ASMobile Production was developed to simplify the egg production release of laying farms. Seeking to eliminate the excessive amount of paper that collection officials use to write down production data and some occurrences that occur in the poultry houses.

★ How ASMobile Production Works
ASMobile works in conjunction with ASManager , an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management Software (ERP). Therefore, for ASMobile to work with real company data, the application must be updated periodically. And after the releases made in the application the user must pass them to ASManager. This way ASMobile works in offline mode, requiring internet connection only for data synchronization.

★ ASMobile Production Features
- Egg Production: In this functionality the user will daily launch the egg production data. That is, the amount of eggs collected in the house, as well as the number of mortality, feed and water consumption, temperature variation, among other information that is needed in the monitoring of the house.
- Painter Control / Recreation: this functionality is performed daily control of mortality of each painter and recreation of the laying farm. It can also manage the feed and water consumption and the temperature variation of the poultry houses.
- Feed Output: for a better management of feed distribution among the silos that supply the poultry we have this functionality. She is responsible for controlling which feed and how much will be sent to the silos. Therefore, this information is relevant for the monitoring of chicken feed intake and raw material stock control.
- Dung Exit: For farms that collect manure this is functionality for this control. So the amount is posted and in which car was transported.
- Egg Transport: In addition to totaling the amount of eggs that have been produced and released in Egg Production, the Egg Transport feature is responsible for controlling the amount of eggs that will be graded. A feature well used when the poultry houses are located in different farms and the classification occurs in a particular farm.
- Silos Transfer: For better feed handling some laying farms end up transferring feed from one silo to another. To control this handling this functionality enables the user to post feed transfers, informing the source silo, the destination silo and the amount transferred.

★ Support
For more information please contact us at +5514 3478-6720, +5514 98175-9065, or by email [email protected]

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