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Last updated: Thursday, November 3, 2022

Pixel wasteland construction, using Ace Energy to rebuild the earth.

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"Fake Future" is a pixel-style wasteland simulation management game. Players will play the role of Hoppe, the only remaining human in the space station, and explore the unknown secrets of the alien colossus. During the game, players need to send cyberoids to the adventure area, build a tower base center, and produce energy to supply the space station. Not only do you need to maintain the survival of the space station, but you also need to ensure the maintenance of the cyberoids on Earth. Under the wasteland, you will meet all kinds of surviving "people" and stories. At this moment, are you willing to accept our future?

Set in a make-believe future, human technology has advanced rapidly. The existence of extraterrestrial life forms has been discovered and threatens humankind. An all-out assault from both sides destroyed Earth and what's left of human civilization. What's left is all but a small space station. Hoppe, one of the last survivors of this calamity, with the help of advanced technology, developed cyberoids and sent them on expeditions to scavenge what's left on planet Earth. Explore and rebuild civilization with Hoppe and uncover the mystery of the past.

【Build Base, Reboot the Earth】
Production, processing, commodity production... Various types of buildings can be freely combined, and there are infinite towers waiting for you to build. Thousands of interesting modules can be matched at will to create your own wasteland home!

【Explore Mysteries, Alien Invasion】
Plot rich, the wasteland world is for you to explore, barren deserts, silent forests, fertile mines, strange tunnels, adventure events emerge one after another, send your exploration team to adventure!

【Fun Easter Eggs, Awakening of Consciousness】
You will face the test of all kinds of base visitors, wasteland couriers, survivors, bionic robots, predators... It is your choice whether to agree to lend a hand or refuse!

【Survival of Humanity, Co-work as a whole】
Construction, business, exploration, battle... Arranging all kinds of androids reasonably, discovering the stories and memories of androids, and exploring the "truth" of consciousness are your test as a "ball leader"!

【Future unfolds, Civilization to be continued】
Embark on the path of planets, use your curiosity to explore all kinds of interesting and novel planets, find out new ways of survival, build new bases, and continue civilization!
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