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Needlefelted jewel-tone birds add welcome color and character at Christmastime or anytime. Great on wreaths too!

Completion time – 2-4 hours

Eggs, 2-1/2", two
Block, scrap

Other Materials
Wool roving, 1/4 oz. each: rose; burgundy; blue; g
Long feathers in coordinating color mixes
Beads: round black, four 4mm; burgundy seed
or faceted; green seed or faceted
Green craft wire, 18-gauge

Embroidery needle and embroidery floss: burgundy;
Needle felting tools: single-needle; multi-needle
Straight pins

Tools: wire cutters; round-nose pliers
Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
Thick, white craft glue or fabric glue
Note: Felting needles are extremely sharp; follow manufacturer's instructions.
Repeated felting produces a more dense shape.

1. Cover first foam egg with blue roving. Following
manufacturer's instructions, needle felt roving to foam; add
more roving as needed. Repeat to cover second egg with rose roving.
Place eggs on work surface with narrow ends (tails) to bottom left side.

2. Place small amount of green roving on breast area of blue bird;
felt to body in oval shape. Repeat to create burgundy breast on rose bird.

3. Place a 5"-6" strip of blue roving on scrap foam and roll
into fairly loose ball shape. Felt ball into dense, round head
using needle felting tool, adding more roving as needed. Felt
head to body above breast area. Wrap small strip of roving
around joint between head and body; needle felt to create
neck. Repeat to create head on rose bird.

4. Tear off a second 5"-6" strip of blue roving and wrap
around two fingers to make a tube shape. Place narrow end of
egg inside center of tube and needle felt tube to body.
Continue needle felting tube to create tapered shape for tail.
Repeat to create tail on rose bird.

5. To create wings, place two strips of blue roving side by
side on scrap foam. Place two or three additional pieces side
by side on top of first layer, in opposite direction. Place
two final strips on top of second layer in same direction as
first strips. Use multi-needle felting tool to felt all layers
together. Flip wool frequently to prevent it from attaching to
foam; stop felting when layers are well bonded. Repeat to
create fabric for rose bird.

6. Use pattern to cut two wings for each bird from appropriate
felted fabric. Embellish wings with small twists of felted
roving in same color as breast. If desired, sew beads to
embellished areas of wings. Felt wings to birds as shown.

7. Repeat Step 5 to create small sheet of orange felted
fabric. Cut two small diamond shapes from fabric and fold in
half for beaks. Insert a pin through each fold and add a drop
of glue to end of pins; push pins into heads.

8. Insert pins in each black bead and add drop of glue to pin
ends; push pins into heads.

9. Cut small opening in center of each tapered tail. Bundle
feathers, apply glue to ends and stick bundles into openings.
Clip tail closed while glue dries.

10. Cut two 4" wire lengths. Use pliers to wrap each length
into a tight spiral, leaving 1" straight wire tails. Use
pliers to bend tails at 90 angle away from spiral. Position
bird as it will be on branch and glue wire end into bottom of
bird at that point; let dry.

for further information and detail tutorial, download this application now and you will have what you want.
please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.
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